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RE: Stack blow out

OK, I've figured out what I missed before. I think we can get all this working
without the ridiculous stack usage. Will have something to commit later today.

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> Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 11:11 AM
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> Subject: BDB: Stack blow out
> I'd really like for BDB to support every large IDLs,
> but stack blow out is a problem even with relatively
> small IDLs (depending on thread stack size).
> One thought I have is actually using alloca(), where
> reliable(*), to avoid stack crashes.  alloca() actually
> returns an error which the caller can handle.  There
> are a couple of ways the error could be handled,
> namely return an ALLIDS IDL or switch to malloc().
> Also, if a reliable alloca() wasn't available, the
> code would just use malloc().
> I've also been thinking of putting in some depth
> limits and early escape code (e.g. stop trying to
> make very small IDLs smaller).
> Thoughts?  Comments?  Code?
> 	Kurt
> * GCC builtin + a few select implementations