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Re: Accessing LDAP attributes inside slapd

At 06:47 AM 2001-11-27, Mark Adamson wrote:
>  Look at the connection_internal_open() function in

I note that this function eventually needs to be replaced,
likely by a redesigned backend api which supports send
entry/reference/result callbacks (ala NS-SLAPI).  Otherwise
it's virtually impossible to prevent deadlock.

>I needed to do something similar to what you
>are doing when I was working on the SASL authorization code.
>  The *conn and *ldp are filled in with the Connection info you need for
>backend searches and an *LDAP handle to use for reading back the search
>results with the clientside LDAP libraries.  Parameter *id is the NDN that
>you want to claim to be on the "client" end of the connection.
>  Be sure to call connection_internal_close() when you're done.
>-Mark Adamson
> Carnegie Mellon
>> I want to store some (possibly backend specific) configuration information
>> as ldap attributes. What's the best way to get at this information within
>> slapd.
>> I cannot use the backend search routine because it's needs information about
>> the connection etc which doesn't exist. In any case the backend search
>> routine calls send_ldap_result() directly, so that's not very
>> useful. bi_tool_entry_get() seems to be the closest to what I need; however
>> there is no way to find the entry I need without iterating through the whole
>> list of entries.