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Re: ldap_str2dn etc.

>I note a discepancy between the two forms: one has the leading '/',
>the other doesn't.  Was it intended, or can you please check somewhere 
>what form is preferable (maybe both, with a "pedantic" default?)

DCE DNs have the leading slash, Active Directory domains do not;
instead they start with the DNS component of the DN (LSB to MSB)
followed by the less significant part of the DN (MSB to LSB)
separated by slashes.

See src/lib/xadcore/ds_names.c in ftp://ftp.padl.com/pub/XAD.tar.gz
for a sample implementation.

>We're not planning to go the other way; see Kurt's comment 
>in ldap.h on UFN.

I think AD only uses them for display purposes anyway, so
a one-way mapping should be fine.



-- Luke
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