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Re: suffixalias not implemented in add.c

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 09:55 AM 2001-09-27, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> >I already investigated a very similar topic; the big point is merely
> >a matter of style. There's no clean means to add the optional white
> >space after the comma.
> Actually, per RFC 2253, there should be no white space after
> the comma.  slapd is liberal in accepting such and will eventually
> only produce DNs which strictly adhere to RFC 2253, Section 2
> (and the ABNF provided in Section 3).

In this case there should be no problem in adding suffix alias 
handling to the add operation; only the non-normalized aliased 
suffix must be stored by the server.

> The first step in doing this is implementing:
>         ldap_str2dn( const char *str, LDAPDN **dn )
>         ldap_dn2str( LDAPDN *dn, char **str )
> functions which can be combined to liberally parse a
> DN string and output a strict DN string.  This will
> then be combined (in slapd) with schema knowledge to do
> additional cannibalization/normalization.
> Prototypes for the routines were recently committed to
> <ldap.h>.  If anyone has time, feel free to contribute
> an implementation...  please coordinate on this list to avoid
> duplicate effort.

I remember someone said he was going to take a look 
at the problem.  In case nobody shows up I'll take myù
chance on it.


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