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Re: suffixalias not implemented in add.c

Lars Uffmann wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 05:02:14PM +0200, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> > Lars Uffmann wrote:
> >
> > > It seems to be straightforward to add support for SuffixAlias in add.c.
> > > Are there any Reasons I might not oversee, why SuffixAlias schould not be
> > > supported with ADD?
> >
> > If you have suggestions, please come in. However I cannot figure
> > out how one can alias something that does not exist yet (which is
> > a prerequisite to an add operation).
> I would like to be able to add a DN even if it is only a SuffixAlias:
> # sample slapd.conf:
> suffix "o=mediaways.net"
> suffixAlias "o=mediaways,c=de" "ou=mediaways,o=mediaways.net"
> # sample LDIF
> dn: uid=test,o=mediaways,c=de
> chgangetype: add
> [ ... ]
> Doing an ADD using above LDIF schould succeed, rewriting/aliasing the DN to
> "uid=test,ou=mediaways,o=mediaways.net"
> I need this to be compatible with all Applications while moving our LDAP
> Tree to the new suffix, this whould help a lot with the migration
> process.

Your statement definitely makes sense. The point I get, from reading
thru the code, is that while it is easy to aliase a normalized dn, it
gets a bit more difficult to aliase a non-normalized dn, so the added
dn should be normalized and would look a bit "square".  The fix would
be to also store the (supposedly) non-normalized alias entered in
the config file and try to use it to get a non-normalized aliased 
version of the new dn.  I'm not sure it is worth the effort; in fact
I remember reading about issues involving suffix aliasing in previous 
postings, which implies subtle side-effects.  I'm not sure what was
the real drawback.  If there's a real need I'll try to work something


Maybe someone else

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