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Re: suffixalias not implemented in add.c

At 09:55 AM 2001-09-27, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I already investigated a very similar topic; the big point is merely 
>a matter of style. There's no clean means to add the optional white 
>space after the comma.

Actually, per RFC 2253, there should be no white space after
the comma.  slapd is liberal in accepting such and will eventually
only produce DNs which strictly adhere to RFC 2253, Section 2
(and the ABNF provided in Section 3).

The first step in doing this is implementing:
        ldap_str2dn( const char *str, LDAPDN **dn )
        ldap_dn2str( LDAPDN *dn, char **str )

functions which can be combined to liberally parse a
DN string and output a strict DN string.  This will
then be combined (in slapd) with schema knowledge to do
additional cannibalization/normalization.

Prototypes for the routines were recently committed to
<ldap.h>.  If anyone has time, feel free to contribute
an implementation...  please coordinate on this list to avoid
duplicate effort.