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Re: Persistent Search - Question on A.J.Martin

Hi Juka, 
On Wednesday 19 September 2001 08:30, JUKA AAKULA wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Jukka Aakula and I'm interested to use LCUP or Persistent
> Search in my
> research project at Nokia.
> I hope you have time to answer  my question:
>     Does the Persistent Search in general and your implementation in
> special scale with number of
>     searches.

I don't think I talk about in general, because there may be better 
implementations than mine.  

>     In concrete I mean:
>     A client is caching a subset of entries of a directory. Which
>     entries to cache cannot be defined in forward but whenever the
> client
>     "gets interested" in an entry the client makes the Persistent Search
> and caches the result.
>     There can be a huge number of entries and thus also persistent
> searches.

In my implementation the overhead is basically that of having an 
extra thread and connection for each registered persistent client. 
There is a transistion log and when a change is made to an entry 
it is checked against the requirements of each client. 

>     Can the searches be made persistent without performance problems ?

I think the question is compared with what?  I my case I want to have a 
distributed hierarchy of sites across Europe,  and I want to maintain 
caches...the alternative to psearches would be a polling loop.

(I hope this isn't too offtopic...but the intention is to submit this 
code for inclusive with openLDAP if its felt useful) 


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