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Re: Guide to Slurpd

At 03:33 AM 2001-09-19, Arindam Chakraborty wrote:

>I am new to OpenLDAP and wish to work on implementing efficient


>Is anyone working on the same?

Occassionally folks say they are... but there is little real
evidence that they are.

>Also I would like to know if
>there exists some documentation which will help in understanding the
>slurpd code... I mean the overall program execution model etc? (I read the
>details given in the slurpd man page but things were not very clear from

Other than the DESIGN document and the code (both located in
servers/slurpd), no.

The most promising mechanism for single-master (tight data
consistency) replication is, IMO, LCUP.  The slave would
act as an LCUP client to obtain updates from the master
acting as the LCUP server.

The LCUP I-D is:

(Note that while the document makes statements that it isn't
designed for server to server replication, but the fact that
it supports making true copies of the DIT implies that it can
be used to support replication.  LDUP, IMO, is pipe dream.