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Re: OpenLDAP and Berkeley DB

adam jacob wrote:

> In ITS #1176, Keith Bostic from Sleepycat points out some possible data
> corruption issues with regard to the ldbm backend and the Berkeley DB.  I (and
> others I've been speaking with) are experiencing similar symptoms of
> (seemingly random) data corruption occuring in our directories.  Most often,
> it will occur within a heavily used index database, such as an equality
> index on the "mail" attribute.
> It happens on servers under heavy load, which seems consistent with the
> discussion Kurt had with Keith in the ITS report.
> My question is, the ITS report has the fix to this problem commited in HEAD
> and REL_ENG_2... has it been rolled in to openldap-2.0.11?  If so, the problem
> is still in existence.. if it has not, I'll roll a CVS copy of OpenLDAP, and
> test out the fix on some of my problem machines.
> Thanks!
> Adam
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> adam@sysadminsith.org - (http://sysadminsith.org)
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Fixes come out when a new release is made.  Such a fix would rarely be rolled
into an existing release, and then only if it was desparately needed and the fix
was recent (ie. a bungled release).  To use a fix earlier, either use REL_ENG_2
(as it is updated periodically) or find the appropriate patches and apply them to
2.0.11.  Personally, I work with REL_ENG_2, but this may not be a practice you
(or your company) are confortable with.  Since REL_ENG_2 is changing, you must be
careful to test to make sure it is suitable for your needs.