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Re: OpenLDAP and Berkeley DB

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 09:02:50AM +0200, Markus Storm wrote:
> It's in REL_ENG_2; but looks like there's more to it, we're still seeing 
> index corruption running that
> version.
> Btw, we never had indizes pointing at other people's entries. It's only 
> that sometimes, an entry gets
> deleted from an index file (while still being there as a record and 
> still being present in other indizes).
> Also, I'm not sure 'load' is the key. I'm not sure about the DB 
> internals, but usually there's no concurrent
> WRITE access; I can't imagine read access does any form of writing so 
> how could it corrupt the index?

>From reading the context given in the ITS report, it sounds like even
concurrent READ access can cause the issue... granted, I'm a mediocre
programmer at best (at least I can admit it, right? <grin>), and I have
very little experience with Sleepycat.  

Does GDBM suffer from these same problems?  In the short term, is simply
switching to that going to help alleviate these problems?


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