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OpenLDAP and Berkeley DB

In ITS #1176, Keith Bostic from Sleepycat points out some possible data
corruption issues with regard to the ldbm backend and the Berkeley DB.  I (and
others I've been speaking with) are experiencing similar symptoms of
(seemingly random) data corruption occuring in our directories.  Most often,
it will occur within a heavily used index database, such as an equality
index on the "mail" attribute. 

It happens on servers under heavy load, which seems consistent with the
discussion Kurt had with Keith in the ITS report.  

My question is, the ITS report has the fix to this problem commited in HEAD
and REL_ENG_2... has it been rolled in to openldap-2.0.11?  If so, the problem
is still in existence.. if it has not, I'll roll a CVS copy of OpenLDAP, and
test out the fix on some of my problem machines.  



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