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Re: should one single search be able to encompass several databases?

Michael Ströder wrote:

> Without having a look at back-meta IMHO it is only suitable in
> situations where you have a very specific tree partitioning and can
> make assumptions about the server topology. The admin setting up
> back-meta really has to know what he's doing.

Sure. Actually, while all the functionalities are implemented,
 until there's no clear means to detect potential collisions in the
configuration Stig was considering, it should be used very carefully.
It works best in cases where distinct trees with one common ancestor
are to be used, e.g. "dc=my,dc=org" and "dc=your,dc=org" should be
both searchable with a base of "dc=org"; there are potential
conflicts in cases like "ou=Dept 1,dc=my,dc=org" and "dc=my,dc=org"
must cohesist, as one might directly add another subtree
"ou=Dept 1,dc=my,dc=org" to the database with suffix "dc=my,dc=org"
without passing thru the back-meta. In some sense, the administrator
of the "meta" should also administrate the target servers.


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