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should one single search be able to encompass several databases?

I'm not sure if the subject is clear. The situation I'm thinking of is
something like this:

You create one database with suffix say dc=test,dc=com, and another with
suffix dc=hr,dc=test,dc=com. If someone does a subtree search with base
dc=test,dc=com, should the search also be done in the dc=hr,dc=test,dc=com
database? I think maybe it should, but it doesn't now, and I suspect it's
hard to implement. Should we implement this, or should we simply say that
people must put it all in one database?

One way to work around this is of course to have a referral for
dc=hr,dc=test,dc=com in the dc=test,dc=com database. This is possible
if it is added before configuring the dc=hr,dc=test,dc=com database.