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Re: question on RFC3062 - plugin API

At 06:37 PM 7/5/2001, Kervin Pierre wrote:
>Is the plugin API documented?  I know it's experimental.  If it is,
>where can I find this documentation. 

in the source files :-)

>Specifically I'd like ...

The API allows for backends to be plugged in.  I don't it
supports what you're after.  You're welcomed to extend it.

>I took a look at 3112.  Is this suppose to be a replacement to the
>common habit of adding the encryption type before the value in the
>userpassword attribute? 

Basically, yes.

>Another potentially stupid question is, how is 3062 different from
>sending a ldapmodify request on a the userpassword attribute as that

A client using the Password Modify Extended Operation need not
know how the server chooses to store the user's password.