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Re: question on RFC3062

At 12:21 AM 7/5/2001, Kervin Pierre wrote:
>I'm interested in RFC3062 and what it is.  I read the document, but I
>still have a few questions.
>(i)Is it already implemented in OpenLDAP?


>I thought it was but then I saw it listed on a recent TODO list.

The TODO list has a incorrect reference.  authPassword,
which is not yet implemented, is RFC 3112 not RFC 3062.

>(ii)Will OpenLDAP automatically send a userpassword modify request when
>a user is added/modified/deleted?

I don't grok this question.  ldappassword(1) will send the
password modify request when it's run (with appropriate
arguments) and the server will process the request and
return an appropriate response.

>(iii)Does OpenLDAP have a plugin API?

Not sure how this relates to the above, but, yes. OpenLDAP
has an experimental plugin API.