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Re: SASL pb. in devel

> At 06:29 AM 4/28/01, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> >Then I added an empty one because I was
> >trying to find the reason of sudded sigsegv on startup, which happened
> >little after trying to open such file. Then I added and empty /etc/sasldb 
> >file, still for the same reason. Now ended up with none of them or either
> >a VALID /usr/lib/sasl/slapd.conf (i.e. with some pwcheck_method defined,
> >e.g. "pwcheck_method: pam") and NO /etc/sasldb, otherwise I get a sigsegv
> >after startup. Maybe it's a libsasl problem, but I was wodering whether 
> >it is related to slapd's sasl initialization not detecting the improper
> >configuration.
> I sounds like your SASL library is not behaving well.  slapd has
> very little to do with the initialization of SASL (other than
> to make a couple of simple API call).

Well, it passed the server/client test and worked with a couple of other
apps (and it cost me litres of blood :). So the problems looks more like
somewhere not handling an error return code ... It's not a big deal, I know,
especially if things are configured ok, but this is the sort of things
that make people (especially customers) think "the code is broken,
it's never gonna work!". I'll keep digging ...


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