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Re: SASL pb. in devel

At 08:36 AM 4/28/01, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> At 06:29 AM 4/28/01, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> >Then I added an empty one because I was
>> >trying to find the reason of sudded sigsegv on startup, which happened
>> >little after trying to open such file. Then I added and empty /etc/sasldb 
>> >file, still for the same reason. Now ended up with none of them or either
>> >a VALID /usr/lib/sasl/slapd.conf (i.e. with some pwcheck_method defined,
>> >e.g. "pwcheck_method: pam") and NO /etc/sasldb, otherwise I get a sigsegv
>> >after startup. Maybe it's a libsasl problem, but I was wodering whether 
>> >it is related to slapd's sasl initialization not detecting the improper
>> >configuration.
>> I sounds like your SASL library is not behaving well.  slapd has
>> very little to do with the initialization of SASL (other than
>> to make a couple of simple API call).
>Well, it passed the server/client test and worked with a couple of other
>apps (and it cost me litres of blood :). So the problems looks more like
>somewhere not handling an error return code ... It's not a big deal, I know,
>especially if things are configured ok, but this is the sort of things
>that make people (especially customers) think "the code is broken,
>it's never gonna work!". I'll keep digging ...

I note that when using PAM, be very careful to avoid re-loading
non-reentrant libraries.