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Re: SASL pb. in devel

At 06:29 AM 4/28/01, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I've been playing with REL_ENG_2 (future 2.0.8) for a while, and looks ok.

That's good to hear.

>On the contrary, I'm having some problems with HEAD: it was related to
>a misconfiguration, but it took a while to isolate the problem, and I can't
>find yet the exact place where it occurs.
>I compiled HEAD with SASL, but I didn't mean to use it right now, so I had
>no /usr/lib/sasl/slapd.conf file.

I rarely use a slapd.conf file.  They are optional.

>Then I added an empty one because I was
>trying to find the reason of sudded sigsegv on startup, which happened
>little after trying to open such file. Then I added and empty /etc/sasldb 
>file, still for the same reason. Now ended up with none of them or either
>a VALID /usr/lib/sasl/slapd.conf (i.e. with some pwcheck_method defined,
>e.g. "pwcheck_method: pam") and NO /etc/sasldb, otherwise I get a sigsegv
>after startup. Maybe it's a libsasl problem, but I was wodering whether 
>it is related to slapd's sasl initialization not detecting the improper

I sounds like your SASL library is not behaving well.  slapd has
very little to do with the initialization of SASL (other than
to make a couple of simple API call).

>I'm totally unfamiliar with the sasl part of the code, so
>I'm not able to track it down. Any clues?
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