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Re: Regarding LDAP C API

At 09:57 PM 4/27/01, Vishwanath wrote:
>I am writing a LDAP client using C API, I am working on OpenLDAP Ver
>1.2.11.  I have a master slapd and many slave slapds, When i do any
>add/modify/delete entry operation to slave slapd, Its not getting
>replicated in master, even slapd is not returning me the referral, this
>is happening only to the client program i have written, the standard
>tools which are in ~/client/tools/ldpamodify is working fine, i glanced
>through the ldapmodify.c program and found no difference between mine
>and ldapmodify.c.
>I even went through Makefile but did not understand much.
>I just want to know is this due to not including library.
>How can i make my client such that, when i request modify to slave
>slapd, it should get replicated in master as well. (will slave directly
>talk to master ?).

I think you likely should read some of the posts on the
OpenLDAP-software mailing list regarding the differences
between single master replication and multiple-master
replication.  You'll note that OpenLDAP is designed to
support single master replication (though there is some
experimental multiple master code lurking about).  When
writing a client, one should normally design for
single-master replication as multiple-master adds no new
requirements upon the design.

I note that how to write clients using OpenLDAP C API is
a software use issue and should be taken to the software
mailing list.  This list is for discussing the development
of OpenLDAP itself.