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Re: Development snapshot tarball?

At 03:52 PM 8/30/00 -0700, Cedric Tefft wrote:
>> However I assume...
>Well, you know what they say about assumptions.

Your clarification can be summed up as:
        "It's part of my job"

That's fine, but it also means:
        "My employer has rights to my work"

Which means the project must take additional steps as the
submitter doesn't have clear rights to the works being
contributed.  As I noted before, we have policies and
procedures for handling this situation.

In regards to your request for snapshots, I ask that you
attempt to try all of the previously mentioned methods
for gaining live CVS access through firewalls and report
back on how and why they failed.  As noted, data on
port 443 usually goes through without restriction.  If
the firewall happens this block this port but allows other
ports (SMTP, IMAP, POP, SSH, TELNET, DOMAIN...), please
report this as well.