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Re: Development snapshot tarball?

> However I assume...

Well, you know what they say about assumptions.

The facts are these:

My employer encourages me to explore other areas of interest on
company time when they are directly or indirectly related to my job
function.  Open source development clearly falls into this category.
Furthermore, I am a salaried employee, so it really makes little
difference to my employer how I spend my time as long as I get my
work done.  The heavy firewall restrictions are a consequence of my
employer being a large financial institution and their paranoia about
sensitive information getting out, not as a result of any kind of
attempt to control how its employees spend their time or what data
they bring in (as evidenced by the fact that the most popular web
site accessed through our company's proxy server for the last three
months is a golf site which no employee has any business-related
reason to visit).

Although it's possible to get special dispensation for a direct
outbound connection, the forms I have to fill out would probably
break an elephant's back and I still wouldn't get the thing for six
months to a year.  I recently requested that an ethernet connection
be upgraded from 10 Mb to 100 Mb.  In my environment this is
five-minute operation, yet it took almost four weeks for the request
to work its way through the process.  The bureaucracy here is
comparable to that of some governments I could mention, and I was
hoping to avoid some of the red tape and delay.

Eventually, my present situation will change and I will again have
access to my personal (unrestricted) ISP connection, but I don't
currently know when that will be, so I figured "why wait -- see if
there is a way to contribute now."

- Cedric

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