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Re: Development snapshot tarball?

> >If there are no such snapshots, would it be possible to set up
> such a thing? 
> I rather find a way to provide live CVS access...

So would I, but I don't see how.

> >Or maybe there is some other quick 'n easy method to get the
> latest development version that I'm not aware of?
> A while I go I ran a CVS server on port 443 which is generally
> unmolested by firewalls.  I could bring this back up without
> too much hassle.

OK, maybe I shouldn't have said I am behind a "firewall" because that
is too mild a term.  Not counting email, my only connection to the
Internet is through a proxy server that accepts only HTTP traffic on
the inside interface -- even FTP transfers must be made by way of
submitting an ftp:// style URL.  I can't open any direct connections
to the outside world.  Strictly speaking, I can't even open a
connection on port 80 directly -- it is all translated by the proxy
server.  So you see that in my case, it doesn't matter what port the
CVS server is on because I can never have a direct connection to the
outside world.

The only option I can think of is to do periodic CVS snapshots. 
Either that or hack CVSWeb to serve up tarballs on demand, and that
sounds like ten times the work of the snapshot idea.

But hey, if you've got any other ideas I'm all ears!

- Cedric

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