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Re: Development snapshot tarball?

I must admit that I'm a bit uneasy helping you or anyone go
around restrictions placed upon them by their Internet provider
and/or employer.  Normally I would suggest that you switch providers.
However I assume, in this case, it is likely that the provider
is your employer.  As such, I suggest that you obtain appropriate
authorization (including necessary Internet access) to do your
job (or permission to do personal activities on employer-owned
resources).  If your development is not authorized by your
employer, do NOT use employer-owned resources and do NOT undertake
this activity during hours in which they employ you to work.

Doing otherwise can cause a lot of problems for you AND THE PROJECT!
Don't play at work!

I believe it prudent for the project not to assist others in
the go around restrictions placed upon them by employers
and/or service providers.

Given that your request for development snapshots was based
upon your desire to go around provider/employer restrictions,
I must say "no" to THIS request.