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Re: Development snapshot tarball?

At 6:41pm Aug 29, 2000, Cedric Tefft wrote:

> > A while I go I ran a CVS server on port 443 which is generally
> > unmolested by firewalls.  I could bring this back up without
> > too much hassle.
> OK, maybe I shouldn't have said I am behind a "firewall" because that
> is too mild a term.  Not counting email, my only connection to the
> Internet is through a proxy server

Does the proxy server allow https:// connections? If so, then it *is*
letting your client make direct TCP connections to the outside world,
though generally https proxies only allow you to connect to port 443 (the
default https port). There's a patch for cvs at
http://www.cvshome.org/cyclic/cvs/dev-http.txt that allows you to connect
through such proxies. Disclaimer: haven't used it myself.