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Re: phonetic

At 01:31 PM 7/24/00 -0400, Mark Adamson wrote:
>> >Are approximate "phonetic" matches going away in slapd?
>> It's gone away... at least until someone recodes it to
>> work under the new schema architecture. 
>Is anyone specifically working on this?

Not that I am aware of.

>If not, I'll have to take a
>crack at it. I'm looking through servers/slapd/schema_init.c trying to
>figure out what each of these function is expected to do
>struct mrule_defs_rec {
>        char *                          mrd_desc;
>        unsigned                        mrd_usage;
>        slap_mr_convert_func *          mrd_convert;
>        slap_mr_normalize_func *        mrd_normalize;
>        slap_mr_match_func *            mrd_match;
>        slap_mr_indexer_func *          mrd_indexer;
>        slap_mr_filter_func *           mrd_filter;
>Is there any explanations of what they should be doing?

First, see http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/200007/msg00080.html
for a brief description of key routines.

Second, we'll have to sort out how to "attach" the rule to specific
attribute types.  I was thinking of doing this by associating
an (optional) approx rule with each equality rule.  Then
when the attribute specified use of the equality rule, it would
automatically pick up the associated approx rule.  I'll see if
I can find time to fix up the framework to support such.