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Re: phonetic

> >Are approximate "phonetic" matches going away in slapd?
> It's gone away... at least until someone recodes it to
> work under the new schema architecture. 

Ugh. Is anyone specifically working on this? If not, I'll have to take a
crack at it. I'm looking through servers/slapd/schema_init.c trying to
figure out what each of these function is expected to do

struct mrule_defs_rec {
	char *				mrd_desc;
	unsigned			mrd_usage;
	slap_mr_convert_func *		mrd_convert;
	slap_mr_normalize_func *	mrd_normalize;
	slap_mr_match_func *		mrd_match;
	slap_mr_indexer_func *		mrd_indexer;
	slap_mr_filter_func *		mrd_filter;

Is there any explanations of what they should be doing?

  -Mark Adamson