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Re: Enhancement to implement V3 Referral / Search Reference Handling (ITS#546)

At 12:17 PM 5/29/00 -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>Okay, found a problem.  The code chases referrals
>in the form:
>	ldap://localhost:9009/
>using an empty DN.  This is incorrect.  It should
>be treated the same as:
>	ldap://localhost:9009
>as, per RFC 2254, they are equivalent.

Actually, RFC 2255 does specifically state that they are
equivalent.  It doesn't state what value the DN should
take if not specified.  I argue that it should take the
on the empty DN in all cases.

Now, the special case is, what does it mean to return
a referral to a Root DSE?  It doesn't make sense. So,
we use this case to indicate the base of the search
which generated the referral should be reused.  That
is, a URL returned as a referral with an empty DN
shall indicate that the base of the search which
generated the URL should be reused. 

This is consistent with RFC 2251, 4.5 and the expired
named referrals draft (end of section 6). (Note that
the first example uses the '/'less form, that's

Also take, for non-search operations, referrals returned
should "must have only the protocol, host, port,
and trailing "/"  portion of the URL contained in the ref
attribute" with a grain of salt.  Actually, take all of
named referrals with a grain of salt.  It's an I-D and it's