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Re: newPilot schema

At 09:47 AM 5/17/00 +0200, Julio Sánchez Fernández wrote:
>I really don't know.  Now that we have an official definition for
>inetOrgPerson I find little use for the rest.  Most useful concepts
>in the pilot have been formalized in a number of later RFCs and are
>now in core.schema or other schema files.

Yes, but inetOrgPerson is dependent upon RFC 1274 specs.  I've
moved a couple to core.schema: domainComponent(dc), rfc8222Mailbox (mail),
userid (uid), and simpleSecurityObject as they are needed by
many oc's.  However, I want to avoid core.schema from being a
"catchall".  That is, I really don't want to move other 1274
attributes needed by inetOrgPerson, such as audio, to core.schema
(or elsewhere).

>BTW, ... That effort really burned me.

Yes, branching active development is painful and should be avoided.

BTW, the new schema code is almost ready for other developers
to start working on.  It is READY for developers to start looking
		./configure --disable-ldbm --enable-dnssrv

	(simple searching of the root DSE and cn=schema work, but
	not much else).

I'm hoping to finish search [filters] / compare this week.
Once this is done, the non-indexing backends can be updated and
folks can start writing syntax/matching rule codes [and plug in
support for such codes].  While this is being done, I'll start
working on updating the indexing codes.

Help is appreciated...