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Re: newPilot schema

As another reader pointed out to privately, newPilotPerson
and PilotPerson are synomous.   newPilotPerson was a simple
rename of pilotPerson to avoid a name clash with a prior

I found evidence of such on the net:

 5.3.2. Pilot Classes
   These object classes are defined in RFC 1274.
    ( 0.9.2342.19200300.100.4.4 NAME 'newPilotPerson' SUP person

note that OID matches pilotPerson (RFC 1274).  The oc is
otherwise the same of pilotPerson.

This I-D revision might be useful for check our conversion of
RFC 1274 X.500(89?) schema to LDAPv3 (I saved a copy if any
one is interested).

I'll also push LDAPext for an RFC 1274bis document which
extracts key pieces [used by LDAPv3 specs (and not coverred
by RFC2256 or other v3 spec)] and present them using LDAPv3
schema formats.   This likely should be done as part
of an RFC 2256bis effort, but might have to started by
drafting an update I-D.