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Re: newPilot schema

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> I've placed a closer modeling of RFC 1274 schema (cosine pilot)
> into cosine.schema.  The existing pilot.schema was a mix of pilot,
> newPilot, and various implementation derivations thereof.


> Does anybody have a true reference to newpilot?

Not me.  What I did was to try to provide an RFC2522 definition for
all attribute types and object classes we already had in slapd.at.conf
and slapd.oc.conf.  I used RFC1274, the schema from Netscape and some
info from X.520.  Everything glued together with some imagination.

My prior requests in mail lists for sources returned nothing.  Searches
on the Web were similarly improductive.

> If so,
> maybe we can create a newpilot.schema and then move pilot.schema
> to the Attic.

I really don't know.  Now that we have an official definition for
inetOrgPerson I find little use for the rest.  Most useful concepts
in the pilot have been formalized in a number of later RFCs and are
now in core.schema or other schema files.

BTW, I like the approach you took on new schema work, using conditional
compilation to keep everything on the same branch.  Never thought of
that and was bouncing between doing everything in one shot (that was
too large a work to do quickly) and branching (that for the same reason
became unwieldy as soon as branches started diverging).  That effort
really burned me.