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ldapsearch as own process

Hi again!
Anyone have an idea why ldapsearch executable doesnt print a resulting
ldif file when I start it with
CreateProcess (NT4 ) command like:
    char commando[100];
    strcpy(commando,".\bin\ldapsearch.exe  -b \"dc=envilogg,dc=se\" -s
base \"objectclass=*\" >


The ' \" ' means that a quotation mark (") will be inserted in the
string and the createprocess works for another simple testprogram I
wrote, that simply writes some text to a textfile.

The exact same commandoline works perfectly if I use it in DOS window.

Before the new console window dissappears it says something like "...bad
search filter"?

Any characters that are differently interpreted by CreateProcess than by
DOS window?


Greatful for any help!