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correction::ldapsearch as own process

I managed to miss the ' \\ ' in the first argument
(.\\bin\\ldapsearch.exe) in my previous question.
I am trying to start the ldapsearch executable with the CreateProcess
API command but I fail, ie

    char commando[100];
    strcpy(commando,".\\bin\\ldapsearch.exe  -b \"dc=envilogg,dc=se\"
        -s base \"objectclass=*\" > d:/myldif999.ldf");


(As I said before) I use the exact same commando line (from an printout
to a textfil)
    .\bin\ldapsearch.exe  -b "dc=envilogg,dc=se" -s base "objectclass=*"
> d:/myldif999.ldf
and in when doing this in a DOS window it does result in a ldif file
containing the correct result.

Any characters that could have been interpreted differently in
CreateProcess than in the DOS window?