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Re: LDAP_CONST in sort.c in client libldap (ITS#436)

At 08:42 AM 2/1/00 -0700, Steven Sonntag wrote:
>I was trying to understand why have LDAP_CONST at all.  What is the need.
>What do the public headers need LDAP_CONST.  The IETF draft
>makes no use of LDAP_CONST.

The IETF draft states:
  Implementations specifically designed to be used with non-ISO C
  translators SHOULD provide function declarations without prototypes
  or function prototypes without specification of 'const' arguments.

>So why not  s/LDAP_CONST/const/ for everything ?

The use of the macros (LDAP_CONST,LDAP_P,etc) allows someone with a
non-ANSI C application to include the header and use the SDK.