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Re: OpenLDAP backend problem

Sorry for all these emails but I think I have found the error:
When starting slapd it reads rootdn from slapd.conf which in this case was

o=envilogg,c=se . But when I tried to start ldapmodify tool I used bind dn
cn=root,dc=envilogg,dc=se but with the correct password.
This gave me LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS as response.

So here comes a new question (which I cc to openldap dev mailing list

I would like to have several customers linked to the SAME backend
They all have different root_dn:s and different passwords.
So my questions is: is it possible to have several root_dn,root_pw to the
same database (or directory) definition? The incoming root_dn will then be
validated and used to link to the correct database in my backend
Greatful for any help.