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RE: OpenLDAP on OpenVMS?

> Well, I suggest you write a script to generate portable.h
> (and other generated files)...  basically, mimic what
> config.status does in current build environment.
> In fact, I'd love to see someone do the same for NT.  I hate
> all these damn .dsp/.dsw files.
> Basically, write a config.pl (perl is available for just about any
> platform) which would determine the basic architecture of the system,
> prep itself with a set of predetermined, platform specific values
> (stored in a file in build directory), and then generate all the
> files that config.status would normally generate.
> This would allow the VMS (and NT) build environment to leverage
> the existing build environment and reduce maintenence headaches.
> 	Kurt

We've already got full NT builds using MingW32. Granted, that requires gcc
and various other tools. I take it you want an NT build that still uses the
MSVC compiler. I don't think we can get away with using MSVC's nmake, it's
just a little too weird. I thought the whole idea behind autoconf was that
you wouldn't need to maintain a directory full of platform-specific config

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