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OpenLDAP & Communicator (Roaming)

I managed to get roaming to work. I set the system date to
1990 (on the roaming server that is), and then shutdown netscape
(which had all my old bookmarks and address book etc). This was on
a clean 'nsLIProfileName=turbo,ou=Roaming,(etc)' entry... I first
tried without the change of date, but no bookmarks was written to
the DB.

Checking the entries with ldapsearch, reveled that the
bookmarks WAS indeed written to the DB.

Changed back to the correct date and time settings.

Now comes the bad part. When starting up Communicator (v4.7)
again, I wanted to use the 'guest' profile (so that I could really
simulate doing roaming :). Gave all the correct login data, and
Communicator connects to the DB, and (according to the fast moving
windows anyway) are downloading stuff...

Then comes the splash screen and claims to 'Loading preferences, 
Loading etc, etc'.

Nothing, but the default Netscape Communicator bookmarks etc.
What vent wrong? Did I miss something? Some very hidden option?
I configured through the GUI, if that makes any difference.