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slapd and cfengine

Hi there

I'm trying to get cfengine to restart slapd, but somehow it hangs.
I asked Mark Burgess about the problem and it seems to be a problem in
slapd's forking code. Here's the answer from Mark:

>This is a common bug in daemons which fork and do not properly close
>their file descriptors. You can try to set useshell=dumb. That
>might help. Otherwise there is no cure except to fix the daemon
>itself. It is very annoying. Cfengine is waiting for the parent
>to close, but the parent is waiting for input/output from the
>child... If you look, you will see a zombie (defunct) process
>hanging there. If you run cfengine in a shell, interactively
>then it will probably work ok if you hit ENTER when it hangs..
>but that doesn't really help you.

Is there any fixes to this problem ?

Regards, Tom

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