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Re: OpenLDAP & Communicator (Roaming)

Quoting "David E. Storey" <dave@eyeo.com>:

> > Nothing, but the default Netscape Communicator bookmarks etc.
> > What vent wrong? Did I miss something? Some very hidden option?
> > I configured through the GUI, if that makes any difference.
> This is(n't really) covered in the FAQ.  To save some time, check out:
> http://www.linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-1999-09/lw-09-ldap-netscape.html

Yes, but as i said in my mail, the DB is created without flaw (even though
my old bookmarks wasn't saved, because they where OLDER than the create/modify

Communicator just doesn't seem to recognise the stuff it downloads (gets 
overwritten by the files on drive).