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Is anyone interested in SQL/ODBC backend? I have one...


The situation is as follows. As possible part of a bigger project, I
have developed a read-only backend for Umich slapd 3.3 that is intended
primarily to _present_ information stored in an RDBMS as a set (tree) of
LDAP objects.
Suppose we have some centralized information system(s), based on RDBMS
(maybe on different RDBMSes), which stores and manages things like
persons info, publications, organization structure, or any other set of
information resources. By adding several tables with metainformation
about mapping LDAP queries to RDBMS queries on each host, this backend
allows to join these non-interoperable systems into single distributed
system-independent LDAP tree.
Or it could simply help one to publish data in his RDBMS to LDAP without
having to maintain two copies of the same data in different places :)
It has nothing to do with _putting_ information into RDBMS through LDAP
-- I don't think it is a good idea, anyway -- the purposes and ways of
LDAP and RDBMS are too different...

It uses iODBC, and has been tested under RHLinux/MySQL, now I'm trying
to make it work on SunOS 5.6/Oracle7 (the only problem is ODBC driver -
I did not manage to compile it yet :).
Another potential problem is that I have just learned of OpenLDAP
project recently, so the work is done based on pure Umich LDAP 3.3, no
autoconf and things... Does it really make a problem?

In fact, I don't even know if somebody had already done similar work,
and what problems are currently in fashion here :)
If there is some coordinator on this matter, please mail me in any case,
telling about current situation about LDAP and RDBMS :)
If anyone is interested, mail me too - I'll then have whole Umich build
tree with sql-backend arranged and published on FTP. Or maybe I should
better learn CVS and rearrange sources?
I also could post some information concerning architecture and usage of
the backend.

WBW, Mitya

PS. It is the first time that I'm posting anything anywhere, so excuse
my Russian English and anything I might have done wrong ;)