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RE: OpenLDAP in mingw32/NT

Here is the changelog.txt again with the copyright statement up front.
  -- Howard Chu, hyc@symas.com
  Chief Architect, Symas Corporation
Title: Log of Source Changes for Mingw32 Port of OpenLDAP
Author: Jon Leichter
Email: jon@symas.com

Last Modified: $Date: 1999/10/27 23:26:57 $

Copyright 1999, Symas Corporation, All rights reserved.
This software is not subject to any license of Symas Corporation.

This is free software; you can redistribute and use it
under the same terms as OpenLDAP itself.

- Support for Win32 dynamic libraries enabled.
- Fixed -lltdl to be set in MODULES_LIBS instead of LIBS.
- For NT, added header file checks for: conio.h, direct.h, io.h, process.h.
- For NT (Mingw32) only, added checks for Winsock.
- For NT (Mingw32), turned on NT threads.
- Added the LIBSRCS macro to complement the LIBOBJS macro.
- Adjusted the set of data type checks for Mingw32.
- Special checks for Mingw32 functions: _sprintf, _vsnprintf, _spawnlp.
- Created the following macros for Makefile dependencies: PLAT, LIB_LINKAGE,

- For NT (Mingw32), included stdlib.h to test for sys_errlist.

- Added an NT-specific section of macros.
- Added support to define the snprintf and vsnprintf macros.
- Added new macros to support NT (Mingw32): HAVE_SPAWNLP, HAVE_WINSOCK,

- Removed macros that are defined in Windows headers: strdup, FD_SETSIZE.
- Set HAVE_SNPRINTF and HAVE_MEMORY_H to reflect the NT's real environment.
- Moved LDAP_DIRSEP macro to ldap_config.h.in.
- Moved LDAP_SIGUSR macros to ac/signal.h.

- Added the LDAP_DIRSEP macro for NT.

- Added the LDAP_SIGUSR macros for NT.

- For NT (Mingw32), added declarations for the snprintf and vsnprintf funcs.

- Added the proper use of the LDAP_F macro.
- For ./include/ldap_pvt_thread.h, adjusted preprocessing to always typedef
  ldap_pvt_thread types in NT (Mingw32), whether or not threads are being used.

- Made use of the new macros defined by configure.in to dynamically build
  Makefiles suited for the build environment.
- Adjusted 'clean' and 'install' targets to account for .exe binaries.
- Added targets to build extra components for 'slapd' in NT (Mingw32).

- New files added to the source tree to build resources for Mingw32.

- New file added to the source tree to specify the set of symbols that
  'slapd' should export.

- Added stubs function, where exported symbols are called for dummy reference.

- Fixed misc syntax warnings and/or bugs.

- Fixed Winsock-related warnings and/or bugs.

- Added line to #include "ldap_pvt.h".