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OpenLDAP in mingw32/NT

We've completed hosekeeping on our port of Openldap 2.0alpha to NT using
mingw32. Attached is a changelog giving a brief summary of all of our
changes. More detailed documents are also available. How should I submit the
other documents, and more importantly, how should I submit the diffs for
other folks to review?

- changelog.txt: This file is a consolidated log of the source file changes.
Basically, this file contains the set of files that I touched. Many of the
files are logically grouped together so that I could describe the set of
changes to various files, in a one-liner-type style, similar to a cvs log
description. The total set of affected files can be found in here, but it
not exist in this file as a single consecutive list.

- devnotes-openldap.txt: This file describes in more detail the types of
things that I've done to the source tree to port OpenLDAP to Mingw32. At the
end of this file, I list the full set of affected files as a consecutive,
alphabetically ordered list.

- mingw32-cygwin.txt: This file describes how to setup the Mingw32/Cygwin

- openldap-mingw32.txt: This file describes how to build OpenLDAP in the
Mingw32/Cygwin environment. The set of features that are and are not
are listed in THIS document. I figure this is where it belonged since it
useful to anyone building OpenLDAP.

- specs: This file is a copy of my gcc specs file. This is pretty much how
people will HAVE to configure their specs file if they have any hope of
building OpenLDAP without any problems.

Title: Log of Source Changes for Mingw32 Port of OpenLDAP
Author: Jon Leichter
Email: jon@symas.com

Last Modified: $Date: 1999/10/27 23:26:57 $

- Support for Win32 dynamic libraries enabled.
- Fixed -lltdl to be set in MODULES_LIBS instead of LIBS.
- For NT, added header file checks for: conio.h, direct.h, io.h, process.h.
- For NT (Mingw32) only, added checks for Winsock.
- For NT (Mingw32), turned on NT threads.
- Added the LIBSRCS macro to complement the LIBOBJS macro.
- Adjusted the set of data type checks for Mingw32.
- Special checks for Mingw32 functions: _sprintf, _vsnprintf, _spawnlp.
- Created the following macros for Makefile dependencies: PLAT, LIB_LINKAGE,

- For NT (Mingw32), included stdlib.h to test for sys_errlist.

- Added an NT-specific section of macros.
- Added support to define the snprintf and vsnprintf macros.
- Added new macros to support NT (Mingw32): HAVE_SPAWNLP, HAVE_WINSOCK,

- Removed macros that are defined in Windows headers: strdup, FD_SETSIZE.
- Set HAVE_SNPRINTF and HAVE_MEMORY_H to reflect the NT's real environment.
- Moved LDAP_DIRSEP macro to ldap_config.h.in.
- Moved LDAP_SIGUSR macros to ac/signal.h.

- Added the LDAP_DIRSEP macro for NT.

- Added the LDAP_SIGUSR macros for NT.

- For NT (Mingw32), added declarations for the snprintf and vsnprintf funcs.

- Added the proper use of the LDAP_F macro.
- For ./include/ldap_pvt_thread.h, adjusted preprocessing to always typedef
  ldap_pvt_thread types in NT (Mingw32), whether or not threads are being used.

- Made use of the new macros defined by configure.in to dynamically build
  Makefiles suited for the build environment.
- Adjusted 'clean' and 'install' targets to account for .exe binaries.
- Added targets to build extra components for 'slapd' in NT (Mingw32).

- New files added to the source tree to build resources for Mingw32.

- New file added to the source tree to specify the set of symbols that
  'slapd' should export.

- Added stubs function, where exported symbols are called for dummy reference.

- Fixed misc syntax warnings and/or bugs.

- Fixed Winsock-related warnings and/or bugs.

- Added line to #include "ldap_pvt.h".