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As this is the developer list and I will assume that you are
a developer of OpenLDAP software (as opposed to a developer
using OpenLDAP software).

If you want answers on how to use OpenLDAP software, I suggest
that you, after reviewing the FAQ, post to the software mailing
list (providing enough details of our configuration/directory
to help members of that list help you).   This should include
a demonstration of the problem using the ldap command line tools
provided with the distribution.

At 12:51 PM 10/14/99 -0700, Samuel A. Falvo II wrote:
>The problem is whenever I try to perform a search or addition to my
>directory, I **CONSTANTLY** get these gosh-darned "Partial results" error
>messages.  Is there anyone who can tell me why?

Partial results are returned by the server in face of referrals.
This extension to LDAPv2 is described in this U-Mich page:

>What does this error message mean, particularly in reference to
>ADDING a new directory entry?

It means the server cannot hold (or master) the target DN of the


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