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On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> As this is the developer list and I will assume that you are
> a developer of OpenLDAP software (as opposed to a developer
> using OpenLDAP software).

I joined this list because every indication on OpenLDAP's website told me,
as a developer using OpenLDAP's software, to join this list.  If you have
a problem with this, I can re-join another list, but PLEASE make it more
clear on your website in the process.

(You, Your, etc., are all used in the editorial sense.)

> If you want answers on how to use OpenLDAP software, I suggest
> that you, after reviewing the FAQ, post to the software mailing
> list (providing enough details of our configuration/directory
> to help members of that list help you).   This should include

I have reviewed your FAQ, and found zero answers to my specific problem.
I spent the better part of a week trying to figure it out before deciding
to join a mailing list.

> a demonstration of the problem using the ldap command line tools
> provided with the distribution.

But I'm not using the ldap command-line tools -- I'm trying to write my
own stuff for my own software requirements.

Boy, I can see this is quickly becoming a useless venture...  It seems I
have little choice but to role my own database after all... :(

> Partial results are returned by the server in face of referrals.
> This extension to LDAPv2 is described in this U-Mich page:
>   http://www.umich.edu/~dirsvcs/ldap/doc/other/ldap-ref.html

Thanks for the reference.  I'll take a look at it soon.

> >ADDING a new directory entry?
> It means the server cannot hold (or master) the target DN of the
> operation.

This makes no sense to me at all, as I'm trying to add a directory entry
underneath my own directories!  At this point, I'm lead to believe that
LDAP (not necessarily your implementation) is broken by design... :/ Can
anyone clarify why LDAP will refuse to hold the target DN of my own

dn: loc=carlsbad-ca, test=hello-world
loc: carlsbad-ca
hello: world

ldif2ldbm seems to work fine with this, but as soon as I try to add
something underneath loc=carlsbad-ca, test=hello-world, I get these
blasted error messages.  :-)

Thanks for the heads-up on which mailing list to use, and for the web
reference above.  I'll check it out, let the thread die down here, and if
I have further problems, I'll re-join under the other mailing list.