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Howdy folks.  I'm trying to write some internal software and using LDAP as
a means of maintaining my database.  I'm using LDAP instead of something
like SQL because:

* I need the ability to access remote databases seemlessly,
* I need to maintain information hierarchially,
* I don't know what fields will be required ahead of time, so using SQL's
  fixed 'tables' are out of the question,
* it needs to be portable between UNIX and Windows.

LDAP fits all of these requirements perfectly.

The problem is whenever I try to perform a search or addition to my
directory, I **CONSTANTLY** get these gosh-darned "Partial results" error
messages.  Is there anyone who can tell me why?  What does this error
message mean, particularly in reference to ADDING a new directory entry?

Thanks for your input.

P.S.: I'm using the LDAP module under Python for initial development, but
it uses the openldap libraries.