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RE: NT support

At 06:41 PM 10/6/99 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
>Yes, but cygwin doesn't look like a complete solution. Does anyone here have
>any personal experience with a cygwin build they could relay to me?

I can build most of OpenLDAP with cygwin:

slapd builds, but needs an LDBM compatible database.  GDBM is
likely the easiest to get up and running.

slurpd requires threads.  Couldn't get GNU Pth to compile, haven't
tried pthread-win32 (cygnus sourceware).

You'll also need gnu-regex.

>Right now it looks to me that the most likely way to build successfully, using the
>configure.in and Makefile.in structure, is to use mingw32 in the cygwin

I actually had more problems with mingw32 and uwin2...
mileage varies, I guess.

>(cygwin thread support is ... partial at best.) I.e., use the
>cygwin build tools but use MSVC libraries (and headers, presumably), so the
>resulting slapd is a regular Win32 app.

This would be nice as the cygwin adds quite a bit of overhead.

>(Which should have identical
>functionality to a plain MSVC build.) Does this sound reasonable, and has
>anyone actually verified that this approach works?  (We're already looking
>into it here, so I guess I'll know the answer one way or another, soon

I also tried uwin with their MSVC cc/libs ... but didn't get too far.

Anyways, integrating support for cygwin/mingw32/uwin is fairly
straight forward once someone sorts out the details.