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RE: NT support

> Considering that V6 is a relatively new product and V5 is
> still in wide use, I suggest we keep supporting V5.  I,
> for one, have no desire to kick out $$$ for a upgrade
> which offers little to no benefit to me.
> As far as nmake goes, that's fine, too.  In fact, I'd
> like to see an NT solution which reused the existing
> Makefile.in files!
> Maybe uwin/mingwin is the answer.  :-)
> (we already support cygwin).
Yes, but cygwin doesn't look like a complete solution. Does anyone here have
any personal experience with a cygwin build they could relay to me? Right
now it looks to me that the most likely way to build successfully, using the
configure.in and Makefile.in structure, is to use mingw32 in the cygwin
environment. (cygwin thread support is ... partial at best.) I.e., use the
cygwin build tools but use MSVC libraries (and headers, presumably), so the
resulting slapd is a regular Win32 app. (Which should have identical
functionality to a plain MSVC build.) Does this sound reasonable, and has
anyone actually verified that this approach works?  (We're already looking
into it here, so I guess I'll know the answer one way or another, soon