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FW: NT support

I've installed VC5 and VC6 on my system and use 6 for all my non-OpenLDAP work. For me this works fine, however, the latest MSDN documentation does not integrate well with VC5 (they changed the documentation formats yet again) so I always have to load an old MSDn CD when working with OpenLDAP.

I propose that we stick with 5 and if anyone wants any changes made to the project files (.dsp and .dsw) and are using VC6, the changes  should be submitted through one contributor (perhaps Gary)


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> From: Gary Williams [mailto:sasgwi@wnt.sas.com]
> Sent: 05 October 1999 13:24
> To: 'Howard Chu'; openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org
> Subject: RE: NT support
> I'm still the NT support person as far as I know.  I'll be
> glad to look at patches.  As far as the MSVC version,  I'll
> be happy to move to version 6, if everyone else agrees.
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