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Re: OpenLDAP REL_ENG_1_2 on OSF4.0e with DB-2.7.5

At 12:45 AM 7/19/99 -0500, Randy Kunkee wrote:
>Encountered a problem today with slapd going into an infinite loop.
>It continued to serve requests, though slowly.  Has anybody else
>seen this behavior?

Sounds like a thread is stuck is some busy loop.  You'll need
a debugger to sort it out.

>Also, build/config.sub still does not have alphaev6 in it.  So, apparently
>my eyes deceived me when I said the latest autoconf had it -- it does not.

Depends on what you mean by "latest".  Autoconf 1.3 apparently doesn't
while Autoconf via AnonCVS does.  RelEng 1.2 has the AC1.3 version while
-devel has AC-anoncvs version.  If I get a fair amount of feedback
that the AC-anoncvs version is stable, I'll bring it into RelEng 1.2.

The best test is to use the -devel config.guess/.sub with a releng
source tree.  You can fetch -devel config.guess/.sub via CVS:
	cd releng12/ldap/build	(or whereever)
	cvs update -r1 config.guess config.sub

or using CVSweb to download the devel versions.