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OpenLDAP REL_ENG_1_2 on OSF4.0e with DB-2.7.5

Encountered a problem today with slapd going into an infinite loop.
It continued to serve requests, though slowly.  Has anybody else
seen this behavior?  It reminded me of the old FD_SETSIZE bug, but
a brief check of the code looks like that stuff is handled correctly.

Tried to build gdb so that I could take a look at it, but the final
linking of gdb exits with an exit code of 2, without so much as a
message.  Anybody know what that's about before I run off to the GNU

Also, build/config.sub still does not have alphaev6 in it.  So, apparently
my eyes deceived me when I said the latest autoconf had it -- it does not.

The following needs to be added (no warrantys -- I do not pretend to know
for certain what it is checking for here or exactly why) to make alphaev6
a valid machine type:

Index: config.sub
RCS file: /repo/OpenLDAP/pkg/ldap/build/config.sub,v
retrieving revision
diff -r1. config.sub
<               | alpha | alphaev5 | alphaev56 | we32k | ns16k | clipper \
>               | alpha | alphaev5 | alphaev6 | alphaev56 | we32k | ns16k | clipper \
<             | alpha-* | alphaev5-* | alphaev56-* | we32k-* | cydra-* \
>             | alpha-* | alphaev5-* | alphaev6-* | alphaev56-* | we32k-* | cydra-* \

Randy Kunkee
NeoSoft Inc.