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Re: schema headers and release

Bert Vermeulen wrote:

> Also, if you want to submit the API extensions to LDAPext (which I think
> is a great idea!), getting the API out there as soon as possible might
> be a good way of having it tested in real-world use. Not to mention
> making it a de-facto standard ;-)

I think at least two changes are needed before being ready to make a
reasonable proposal.

First, all structures should have a version number.  I think this is
in line with what other structures in the API have.

Second, we should provide the result of parsing the X- fields, since
we *can* parse them.  We currently parse them but discard the result.
For instance, LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE could have a new field like this:

	char	***at_extensions;

defined as a pointer to a NULL-terminated array of extensions.  Each
array element is a pointer to a NULL-terminated array of strings (i.e.
'\0'-terminated array of chars).  The first element in each of the
arrays is the extension name, i.e. a string starting with "X-".  The
rest of the strings are the values in the qdstrings.  An alternative
is to introduce an intermediate struct to differentiate syntactically
the extension name from its values.

We cannot *understand* what the extensions mean, but we should parse
them and return them to the client, because *it* could understand